Star Wars Destiny – Custom Box

We showed this new custom box today at our local gaming convention. I will be compiling the feedback we received and posting some of those results shortly. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this Star Wars Destiny box we did for a friend. Do you like these condensed boxes for the smaller games? If you can think of any other games that could use this treatment, let us know.

Fallout: The Board Game – Custom Insert

We have a custom insert for Fallout that Dan took a shot at. I did not get pictures yet, but he sent over this quick cell video. We have videos planned for the future, but still thought this was worth sharing. We are going to make some changes and do a giveaway for this prototype. Share this for anyone who has the game and keep following for more info!

Yokohama – Custom Insert

Here is a custom insert for Yokohama. This was a request from a friend, and not having played it, I am not familiar with the components and setup. It looks like it came out good though and I am excited to hear from anyone who has this game.

Islebound – Custom Insert

A custom insert for Red Raven Games’ Islebound. We might have gone a little crazy on this one finding a home for every piece, but it is fun trying to see what we can do. Learning more and more with everyone we create!

Codenames – Custom Box with Different Materials

A couple of different materials for the custom Codenames box. We have tried a lighter wood and the clear plastic with some custom labeling. I feel like this game almost always travels and could use a solid and compacted box that will endure. Based on that – Which looks best? Suggestions on the design?

Update – photo showing size difference from original box: